Making An 8 Bird Shed

Portable chook trailer Victoria

Portable chook trailers Victoria

Curious about what goes into creating a portable chook trailer? Click through the gallery below to see the stages of building one of our 8-bird moveable chook sheds.

Like our 15-bird portable chicken trailers, they’re built on a lightweight base with wheels, but this smaller sized shed uses a wheelbarrow-inspired design and is super simple to move.

The airy base design allows droppings to fall right through and can simply be hosed down to clean.

As is standard with all our chook sheds, the walls are made from coolroom panels to help to keep your chooks warm in winter and cool in summer. This small size shed has one smaller and one larger door providing easy access for chooks and humans.

Then we add a perch for the chooks to roost comfortably, a rollaway nextbox for easy egg collection, a ramp for easy access, and a drinker to keep your birds hydrated.

The finished trailer is easy to move, easy to clean, and an easier way to look after your chooks! This small size is ideal for backyards and suburban homes, or any space with up to 8 chooks.

Interested in your own portable chook trailer? Check out the range or chat to us!