Who We Are

Hi there, we’re Peter and Rosemary Wemyss.

We run our business from our property in in Mount Moriac, just outside Geelong, and are the only ones in Victoria supplying unique moveable sheds like these.

We currently offer three different sized chook sheds, as well as a range of electric netting, solar energizers, and accessories.

To check out the range in person, visit us in Moriac or come say hello at one of the many shows or expos we attend!

How It Started

Peter grew up on and around farms and later worked on a large chook farm, where he saw first-hand the struggles with keeping chooks comfortable and protected.

He saw an opportunity for a better type of chook shed. One that would keep the birds cooler and happier, be easier for owners to move and maintain, and avoid the problem of fixed chicken coops that stagnate and attract rodents.

His idea was to use coolroom panels to keep chooks cooler and happier. He whacked together some early versions using old trailers and wooden nest boxes, then people starting taking notice and requesting their own.

From there, he started chatting with a retired engineer friend to put together a proper design for the trailer – and the rest is history!

But who’s Edd?

Edd was a nickname for Peter’s late brother. It’s a name with special meaning so we thought it was perfect for our new venture.