Chook Sheds

Moveable chook sheds Victoria

Our moveable chook sheds are constructed using a galvanized trailer base and have a 25mm galvanized floor. The walls and roof are constructed of 50mm coolroom panels with aluminium trim.

All sheds come with attached rollaway nest boxes and their own drinkers, see options below for details.

We have often been asked to install automatic doors on our moveable chook sheds.  While we believe that our current system of shed and electric netting and solar energizer is most effective, we understand that some customers prefer a little extra piece of mind.  We have now decided to cut the hole in the shed for you to install your automatic door.  Just buy your door and let us know the measurements and we will do this.   If you would like us to do this for your shed order, let us know.

A deposit of 50% is required and construction of each unit takes 14 days.  The units can be picked up  from Mount Moriac or they can be delivered for a charge, depending on distance to travel.

Contact us for special offers or package deals.


What's so good about our chook sheds?

The simple but savvy design! They’re specifically made to be easy to setup, move, clean, and maintain, but also offer a range of useful things to keep your chickens safe and content. Just take a look at all the features packed into each shed…

Portable chook trailer Victoria

8 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 8 birds and is 1800mm long x 575mm wide x 1400 high.

15 bird moveable chook shed Victoria

15/20 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 15/20 birds and is 2400mm long x 1400mm wide x 2000mm high.

30 bird moveable chook shed Victoria

30/40 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 30/40 birds and is 3600mm long x 1400mm wide x 2000mm high.

fits your space

Whether you have an acreage or just a few chooks in your suburban backyard, we have three different sized sheds to fit a range of spaces and situations.

easily moved

The wheelbarrow design of the small shed and the 50mm towball hitch on the larger sheds make them all a breeze to move.

deters pests

It's easy to move the sheds regularly to help keep rats and mice away - and keep your grass fresh!

simple & secure

The reliable simplicity of the design means there's no chance of electrical issues or technical malfunctions.

coolroom panels

To maintain a comfortable temperature, our chook sheds are designed with 50mm coolroom panels help to keep your chooks warm in winter and cool in summer.

rollaway nestbox

These nest boxes are built to be sturdy, easy to access, and simple to clean. They even have fake turf and a privacy screen to keep your chooks content.

inbuilt drinkers

Our sheds come with their own drinkers to keep your birds hydrated.

ready to use

Our sheds are fully constructed and ready to use to as soon as you get them - no flatpacks or setup fees here!

Moveable chook sheds, portable chicken trailers, mobile bird tractors, backyard hen houses… whatever you want to call them, we’re proud to offer 3 sizes to suit a range of spaces!

From commercial chicken farms to little suburban backyard layers, our setup is simple, portable, and practical so you can keep your chooks safe from predators and your time focused on more fun things than fussing with a fixed coop.

To complete your setup, we also sell solar-powered electric fence netting and other accessories like extra nest boxes and feeders. Take a look at our packages for a great combo deal!

When you’re ready to purchase or check out the product, simply get in touch and make a time to visit us in Moriac or stop by one of the many shows or expos we attend around the region – we’d love to see you!