Feature-packed moveable chook sheds

Our unique moveable chook sheds are portable, practical, and protective.

The simple but savvy design means they’re easy to move, clean, and maintain, but also offer a range of useful functions to keep your chooks (and you!) happy.

fits your space

Whether you have an acreage or just a few chooks in your suburban backyard, we have three different sized sheds to fit a range of spaces and situations.

easily moved

The wheelbarrow design of the small shed and the 50mm towball hitch on the larger sheds make them all a breeze to move.

deters pests

It's easy to move the sheds regularly to help keep rats and mice away - and keep your grass fresh!

simple & secure

The reliable simplicity of the design means there's no chance of electrical issues or technical malfunctions.

coolroom panels

To maintain a comfortable temperature, our chook sheds are designed with 50mm coolroom panels help to keep your chooks warm in winter and cool in summer.

rollaway nestbox

These nest boxes are built to be sturdy, easy to access, and simple to clean. They even have fake turf and a privacy screen to keep your chooks content.

inbuilt drinkers

Our sheds come with their own drinkers to keep your birds hydrated.

ready to use

Our sheds are fully constructed and ready to use to as soon as you get them - no flatpacks or setup fees here!

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**Check out of Specials Blog to see what is on special at the moment. 

Also see our packages on sheds, nets and energizers.**

Our Products

Portable chook trailer Victoria

8 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 8 birds and is 1800mm long x 575mm wide x 1400 high.

15 bird moveable chook shed Victoria

15/20 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 15/20 birds and is 2400mm long x 1400mm wide x 2000mm high.

30 bird moveable chook shed Victoria

30/40 bird shed

This moveable chook shed will house approximately 30/40 birds and is 3600mm long x 1400mm wide x 2000mm high.

Electric Poultry Net

Electric netting

Our poultry netting is a simple and effective way to keep your chooks contained and safe from predators.

Solar Energizer

solar energizer

Our solar energizer is the perfect solution to power your electric poultry net without the need for a power point or generator.

Automatic Poultry Door

Automatic Doors

Add extra convenience with our automatic poultry doors!

Digital Electric Fence Tester


We provide a range of optional extras, like digital fence testers.

Package Deals

Our products work well as a combined system, so we offer a range of packages to suit your needs.

Product Feature Videos

30 bird shed features

8 bird shed features

electric poultry net features

Making it easy to collect eggs at any age!

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What our customers say

We are feeling very lucky and blessed to have one of Edd's Moveable Chook Sheds' latest creations. After first seeing them a few years ago, owning one of these beauties has been on the to do list for quite a while.

So we now have an Edd's moveable chicken tractor with 50m electric netting and solar energizer to deter any foxes that come near to our free-ranging ladies, and also keep our chicken friends in the orchard and off the veggie patch and verandah!

So far, the tractor seems very well made, solid, and tows well! The droppings fall right through, so we are all looking forward to no more mucking out of the chook shed on weekends! The wire certainly gives us a zap so hopefully it gives any cheeky foxes a zap too!

Akasha Istar, Surf Coast Natural Farms 30 bird shed
Client Testimonial Image of Moveable Chook Shed

Our shopping list for a chook shed included:

- fox proof
- moveable
- cool in summer
- clean egg collection
- mesh floor
- easy clean

Edd's Moveable Chook Sheds answered all our needs.

Can't wait to see what the chook family think of it!⠀

Akasha Istar, Surf Coast Natural Farms 30 bird shed
Testimonial Image of Moveable Chook Shed for Akasha

Hi just wanted to thank you both so much.

Our chickens are so happy!

Courtney Watts 30 Bird Shed
Testimonial images from Courtney Watts for a 30 bird chook shed

The 15 bird shed has been the perfect addition to our hobby farm. Our girls were right at home within days and the security fencing with solar energiser gives us complete peace of mind that they are safe. There is plenty of space for them to roam around and as a result we have happy and productive hens. The ongoing support and advice from Peter and Rosemary, for us as first time chook owners, has been invaluable and we highly recommend Ed’s Moveable Chook Sheds!

Chris and Emily Nation 15 Bird Shed
Testimonial images from Chris and Emily for a 15 bird chook shed

Thanks very much, Peter was brilliant. Look forward to purchasing products from you again.

Daniel Oosterlaan Poultry netting
Electric poultry netting Victoria

We hummed and hawed as to whether to get the 8 bird shed. Now we have it, we wish we had got it straight away. So easy to use and the chooks are so healthy and fantastic eggs

Macca and Jeanette, Moriac 8 bird shed
Small 8 Bird Portable Chook Shed

We are very happy with our new locally built 15 chook mobile chook shed and electric fence. Highly recommend!

Allison and Don 15 bird shed
Testimonial images from Alison and Don for a 15 bird chook shed

Have just moved mine to a new location! So happy with my 8 hen ‘shed’

Judith Wong 8 bird shed
8 Bird Shed on trailer for Delivery

Too cute - Leora's chooks were checking out the shed before it was even unloaded from the trailer!

Leora Gardiner, Winchelsea 8 bird shed
Leora Gardiner - chooks checking out their moveable chook shed while it's still on the trailer

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Price Rise

Hi everyone. Unfortunately we have had to make a decision to slightly increase our prices for our sheds and packages

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About Us

Hi, we’re Peter and Rosemary Wemyss!

After working on farms and in egg operations, we saw the opportunity for a better type of chook shed that would keep the birds cooler and happier, plus be easier for owners to move and maintain – and Edd’s Moveable Chook Sheds was born!

Our little idea took off and we’ve now expanded to three different sized chook sheds, as well as a range of electric netting, solar energizers, and accessories.

To check out the range in person, visit us in Moriac or come say hello at one of the many shows or expos we attend!