Benefits of multiple chook sheds

30 Bird Chook Shed with Chooks

If you have a commercial chook farm or just a lot of chooks, it can be very beneficial to run multiple moveable chook sheds in conjunction with our electric poultry netting. This allows you to split your flock and more easily monitor the wellbeing of your birds, keep a regular income, and save time and money on expensive structures.

Segmentation makes it easier to monitor chook health

It’s so much easier to check the health of one segment of 30 chooks against, say, 200 chooks. If there’s a problem with a bird, it can be quickly removed or rectified so the rest of the birds remain healthy. Or, if there’s a contagious problem like disease, then worst-case scenario means you only lose 30, and not your entire flock.

You can keep a consistent income by staggering sheds for new bird replacement

Having multiple sheds also makes it simple to stagger your sheds for new bird replacement. This way you’ll still have other sheds running to provide you with an income. If all 200 birds are in one shed, the downtime waiting for new birds to lay means no income.

They replace the need for expensive structures and help maintain healthier pastures

Additionally, multiple sheds can help you maintain healthier pastures because it’s so easy to move the sheds regularly to fresh ground. You can simply move them to where you need on your property without taking up one large space or requiring a full barn or structure.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our moveable chook sheds can be beneficial to your commercial chook business, simply get in touch and we’d be happy to talk through some options!