Free-range your chickens with our convenient portable chicken sheds

Free range chickens enjoying their portable chicken shed from Moriac, Victoria

We think they’re the best portable chicken sheds in Victoria!

Interested in free-ranging your chickens?

Our portable chicken sheds provide a safe and comfortable haven for your chooks, and a practical option for your space (and wallet). They can be easily moved, easily cleaned, and are built with coolroom panels to keep your birds cool in summer and warm in winter, which make them perfect for free-range chooks!

We’ve seen some pretty interesting DIY trailers or people using old caravans for coops for chickens, but there’s no need to hack together your own portable coop when our range is custom-made and ready to go right off the bat!

We make and sell a range of moveable chicken sheds with options for up to 8, 15/20, or 30/40 chickens. We also sell electric poultry nets and solar energizers to protect your chickens from predators and keep them contained.

We’re based in Mount Moriac and are the only providers of these unique portable chicken sheds in Victoria. Simply check out the range or get in touch to find out more!